Bikesharing Safety Systems

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HelmetHub bike helmet kiosk system
Increase rider safety.
Grow program utilization.
Elegant. Rock-solid.
Rent or sell helmets, and track it all.
Field tested.
Rock solid.

Building Innovative Solutions

Helmet use in bikeshare programs is surprisingly low. Bikeshare users are 50% less likely to use a helmet than your typical urban cyclist. It's a problem that we're here to solve.

Our Solution

Knocking Down Barriers

HelmetHub makes picking up a helmet as easy as grabbing a bike. Making helmets readily available lowers the barrier to entry for bikesharing users - and gets more people on bikes.

Our Machine

Keeping It Convenient

Finished with your ride? Drop your helmet off at a HelmetHub kiosk when you return your ride. Returned helmets are sanitized and inspected before being put back into circulation.

How it works

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