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Let's Get Serious About Bikeshare Safety

Does bikeshare really need helmets? We take on the debate and show why helmets are undeniably a boon to every bikeshare program.

See our post on Medium.


Clean Helmets and Happy Heads

Of all the questions we get about HelmetHub, the biggest by far is: “are the helmets clean?”


Thinking Through the Bikeshare Helmet Safety Debate


A lot of folks have been asking us about our opinion on the recent debate in media about the correlation between bike share programs and brain injuries.


Greentown Grows Up

Why the MA Govenor and the Somerville City Mayor Care – and You Should Too!

Yesterday, our team attended an event to announce and celebrate the moving of Greentown Labs from Boston’s Waterfront (Innovation District) to Somerville. And, that’s right, both Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Joseph Curtatone were in attendance.

Why was the moving of this company so important that both men took time out of their busy schedules to attend?


Looking Back: What Coworking Spaces Have Taught Us

Our team has found that everyone once in awhile it’s good to look back and evaluate what your team has achieved over a certain period time and you assess what held you up from getting work done and what helped you get work done.


Looking Forward to Spring 2013

So looking outside our office today (March 7, 2013) – is not extremely exciting. The usual view overlooking the Boston waterfront is clouded by snow flurries.

Thoughts? It’s MARCH already, how can this be?


Brief Break to Celebrate Tonight

Well, the fruits of our labor are beginning to show.

Early this morning – our team was announced as one of the 26 final teams in MassChallenge 2012. This is a huge honor and accomplishment for our team!


Sunshine and Surveys

Gearing up to run a marketing survey this weekend! It’s going to give us valuable data regarding bikeshare users and helmet use.

Here’s the Info:
Help HelmetHub – a Local Boston Start-Up!!!

Who we are:
HelmetHub Corporation (


#summer2012 - #MassChallenge

Well, our team lucked out… We all graduated from MIT – we now get to wear our Brass Rats (the legendary MIT class ring) facing the opposite direction. But this summer is about more than just graduating from MIT – it’s about gearing up our business and pursuing our dreams in full force.


Velo-City and Vancouver

I just got back from the Velo-City conference in beautiful Vancouver, BC. It was the first time I’d been to the pacific side of Canada so I was pretty excited. Velo-City is a huge cycling and cycling community conference, and we were there to talk about helmets in bikeshare programs.